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Press Releases

  • CE_CN_Parade-MalaiseEraDisplay_AW-2023_029

    History Made in Carlisle – Broken Records are Becoming a Broken Record

    Wednesday, Jul 19, 2023

    Pop quiz.  What do you get when you mix nice weather with a passionate enthusiast base, a field of vendors, great special displays, and a nice

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  • CE_TN_Showfield_AW-2022_134

    Enjoy Truck Loads of Family Fun at the 2023 Carlisle Truck Nationals August 4-6

    Thursday, Jun 29, 2023

    With an event history dating back to 1991 and a crowd that tops the 38,000 mark annually, it's safe to say that the Carlisle Truck National

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  • CE_CN_Stage-StateOfTheHobbyAddress_AW-2022_086

    2023 Carlisle Chrysler Nationals to Host an “Opening Ceremony” on July 14

    Wednesday, Jun 28, 2023

    The Carlisle Chrysler Nationals car show (July 14-16) at the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds…

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  • CE_GM_NPDShowfield_AW-2023_069

    Decades of GM Excellence Showcased at Carlisle in 2023

    Tuesday, Jun 27, 2023

    With the fast and furious nature of a two-day car event, the 2023 Carlisle GM Nationals came and went in the blink of an eye. From the moment the gate
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  • CE_CN_Dodge-CorporateAndThrillRides_AW-2022_068

    Have a Thrill with Dodge at the 2023 Carlisle Chrysler Nationals

    Monday, Jun 19, 2023

    Guests of the 2023 Carlisle Chrysler Nationals can not only see the rides that drive their passion, but they can also experience i

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